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Usermenu Module. More...

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#define MAX_MENU_COUNT   10
 Maximum number of User Menu Definition. More...
#define CMD_BUF_SIZE   100
 Maximum Terminal Input Buffer Size. More...


typedef int8(* menu_func )(menu_ctrl mctrl, int8 *mbuf)
 User Menu Callback Function Definition. More...


enum  menu_ctrl { MC_START, MC_END, MC_DATA }
 Menu Control Signal. More...


void menu_init (void)
 Initialize Usermenu Module.
int8 menu_add (int8 *desc, int8 parent, menu_func mfunc)
 Add Usermenu. More...
void menu_print_tree (void)
 Print Current Registered Menu. More...
void menu_run (void)
 Usermenu Handler. More...

Detailed Description

Usermenu Module.

You can easily add a menu that can be selected using
the Usermenu module can be used in the terminal.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CMD_BUF_SIZE   100

Maximum Terminal Input Buffer Size.

  • If not set in the wizconfig.h, default value is 100 Byte.
  • The more size, the more memory use.
  • If there is not enough size, user cannot input all they want

Definition at line 37 of file usermenu.h.

#define MAX_MENU_COUNT   10

Maximum number of User Menu Definition.

  • If not set in the wizconfig.h, default value is 10.
  • The more number, the more memory use.
  • If there is not enough number, menu_add will fail

Definition at line 26 of file usermenu.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int8(* menu_func)(menu_ctrl mctrl, int8 *mbuf)

User Menu Callback Function Definition.

The function form with which a user menu function will be added to the menu

mctrlWith this signal, Callback function can determine user action (menu_ctrl)
mbufThe string buffer which user input
RET_OK: Return to parent menu
RET_NOK: Stay current menu

Definition at line 61 of file usermenu.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum menu_ctrl

Menu Control Signal.

With this signal, Callback function can determine user action

See Also

When user entered into a menu.


When user exited out of a menu.


While user is in a menu.

Definition at line 46 of file usermenu.h.

Function Documentation

int8 menu_add ( int8 *  desc,
int8  parent,
menu_func  mfunc 

Add Usermenu.

descBrief which will be displayed
parentParent menu index.
- Root index is 0
- A return value of this function can be used
mfuncThe Callback function which will be called when user input enter key
>0: Registered menu index (this can be used as parent number)
RET_NOK: Error

Definition at line 54 of file usermenu.c.

void menu_print_tree ( void  )

Print Current Registered Menu.

This is for Debug or Check

Definition at line 93 of file usermenu.c.

void menu_run ( void  )

Usermenu Handler.

This function should be run under main loop.

Definition at line 112 of file usermenu.c.