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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. More...

Collaboration diagram for SMTP:


int8 send_mail (uint8 s, uint8 *sender, uint8 *passwd, uint8 *recipient, uint8 *subject, uint8 *content, uint8 *pSip)
 Send email. More...

Detailed Description

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Function Documentation

int8 send_mail ( uint8  s,
uint8 *  sender,
uint8 *  passwd,
uint8 *  recipient,
uint8 *  subject,
uint8 *  content,
uint8 *  pSip 

Send email.

This function send mail and parses the reply from mail server.

sa socket number
senderpointer to the sender
passwdpointer to the password
recipientpointer to the recipient
subjectpointer to the subject of mail
contentpointer to the content of mail
pSippointer to the server ip
RET_OK: Success
RET_NOK: Error

Definition at line 79 of file smtp.c.